My Little Dashie

Jun 28

Anonymous said: Has Pinkie Pie been cut out of the script?

No, we just still haven’t found the right person for the job

Jun 13

Anonymous said: I just wanted to ask, is NavyBrony really that cute in person? :D, No, I'm kidding. I was wondering who is going to be the narrator since the only actors you've listed so far have pony parts. Also, Rina-Chan for Princess C seems like a good call.

We have someone listed, but we’d rather not reveal it until we release more footage

May 07

Anonymous said: When is this project surely being finished and released on YouTube? Summer or Autumn 2013, maybe?

Autumn at the earliest, but well be releasing more content over the summer

May 07

Anonymous said: There hasn't been much of an update on the movie in a while. Im actually starting to become convinced you guys are dead. Some of my friends say that you guys are.

We ain’t

May 07

Anonymous said: Is there any chance at all ( or just in your opinion) that you may make a sequel if the first delivers?

Probably not, but we’ll see

May 07

Anonymous said: It says "coming 2013" and it's already May, when can we expect a release date?

Well, it’s looking like its going to be a late 2013 release. Production has taken some time already and we’d still like to do more over the summer season

Feb 17

avatarshipping said: Will the movie be staying true to the story, or will there be some things that were added on/taken out? I know it's sometimes hard to work in some kinds of scenes, so I understand if it had to be done.

Well, as we’ve said before we want to do our own take on the story. So, while key elements of it will still be there, this iteration of MLD will be definitively ours.

Jan 30

dustypengwin said: After the release of the movie, can we expect a sort of blooper reel and/or some behind the scenes stuff of the movie? that’s pretty much the only bonus content we have in mind (bonus points if you get it)

Jan 21

Anonymous said: I haven't seen an update in a while. Think we'll see another trailer or teaser anytime soon?

Soon indeed

Jan 21

Anonymous said: I understand you guys are planning the film to finish sometime this year, whats our estimated time of the final product and when will it be released to the public?

I can’t say for sure, as there are many variables.. However, I can say without a doubt that you’ll be seeing more content by the second quarter of this year